There have been regions throughout the world where I have felt compelled to paint responses to the land. I return again and again to a site attempting to find the color and work to express what is to be present in that land. I am quietly alone for hours listening to the sounds of the land itself and watching the play of light on the landform; a renewing of life within, through which the painting may come.

Even though I paint by myself, I also witness the daily life of people which gives equal pull for me to draw there.

The outdoor gatherings of neighbors in Manhattan's Columbus Park, in Chinatown, the faces and lives of Kurds in eastern Turkey, and political activities in America I have drawn in small sketch books.

These drawings are sources for woodcuts I make during the winter months. An image is drawn and cut into a simple pine board either rummaged or purchased. The block is then printed using a Japanese method with sumi ink, hand rubbing with a baren. Because each print is hand rubbed and the board changes with each application of waterbased sumi ink there are variations with all prints.

The watercolor paintings were all done on Arches paper using Windsor Newton paints. Kept framed and out of direct sunlight the paintings will not fade. Watercolors seen on the computer screen may have less color density than the originals.

For prices and further information please contact me at or 212-831-4340.

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